History OF THE WOODSHED steakhouse in stanley North carolina


In June of 1985, after many months of demolition and construction, a new tradition was opened in downtown Stanley North Carolina by Bill Withers and his family. The WoodShed opened at 212 South Main Street in a brand new building that was built in the space where Bill Withers Specialized Services was for many years.


The old structure which had been standing in downtown Stanley for many years was torn down to make room for a new business. There was a major effort during the demolition of the old structure to preserve some of the old bricks from that building. Those old bricks were cleaned up and used in the new structure. They are evident in the Main Street entrance and the walls throughout our facility.


The original concept for the business was a bit different from what you see today. The building was designed with the idea that a sandwich shop would be maintained in the front of the building in the location which is now our private dining rooms. The back of the building which is now our main dining room was conceived as a dance hall and for a while was a popular hangout for the Texas 2 Step dance crowd. Shag Dancing, Line Dancing, and Square Dancing were all very popular.


This is the reason you see the reference on the front of the building for the Hungry Farmer Steak House, the Flying W Sandwich Shop and Dancing to “The Sound of Music”.



Over time and mostly for business reasons, the idea of a dance hall was revised and the rear space was converted to what you see today, our main dining area which seats approximately 300 guests. The original Hungry Farmer Steak House name never really caught on and the name “The WoodShed” became synonymous with great steaks cooked in the tradition of the Little Big Horn.


For those not familiar, the Little Big Horn is a private party facility located on property between the towns of Dallas and Stanley off NC Highway 275 not far from the South Fork River. The Little Big Horn is on the site of the Withers family homestead, lovingly referred to as the “old homeplace”. In the early 70’s some renovations were made to the original residence and it became a popular site for all kinds of private parties from wedding receptions to high school reunions. Live music, square dancing and a signature ribeye steak were the foundation blocks for this successful business.


The WoodShed is still a family owned and operated business and we continue to take pride in providing our customers with a relaxed and enjoyable dining experience.


The décor and the furnishings in the WoodShed may seem a little dated and worn to some but this building is part of the history of this area and we are proud of the product and service we provide. We thank all of our customers for your patronage and support.


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